Computer Services





The Computer Services office is located on the first (basement) floor of the Administration Building.



Office Hours
Mon -Thurs

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Phone: (403) 782-3381 ext. 4021
Fri 8:30 am - 12:00 pm Fax: (866) 928-9502


Computer Services exists to manage the campus computer network and institutionally owned machines; to assist students with accessing the campus network with their personal computing devices; and to deal with all technology based initiatives on campus. An on-line help-desk solution is available for logging your support requests and finding self-serve solutions. The links on the side-bar of this page should direct you to the specific resources you need.




  • eduroam:  eduroam allows local wireless Internet access for users from member institutions using their institutional credentials.  For more information check the link of the left, or click here.



  • Have you been asked to change your password?  Please note that new complexity requirements being enforced call for the use of at least one character from each of the 3 following categories in your password:

small letters (abcd...)

capital letters (ABCD...)

numbers (1234567890)

special characters (ie. @!#$%^&*()<>?-+) Don't use spaces.



(This will ask for your existing password and then ask for a new password. Once completed, use the new password for all your Burman services) 


If you have any challenges with this process, please contact our office.




  • NEW Student Networks:  The new student networks are BUSTUDENT for Burman University students and PAASTUDENT for PAA students.  To join either of these networks, just select it and provide your username and password when prompted.  You will be able to access campus printers and portal pages from these networks. 
  • Shaw Go WiFi:  This service from Shaw is now available at most publicaly accessible locations on campus.  The service is proviede by Shaw and is not managed in any way by Burman.  If you are an existing Shaw Internet customer then you should be able to use this service using your existing credentials.  Please see for more information.


  • Web Authentication Procedure. On the wired or BURMAN or BURMAN5GHZ wireless networks you must manually authenticate to our WatchGuard proxy before gaining Internet access. If you are not authenticated, you should automatically be taken to the authentication page where you can enter your regular Burman/PAA UserName and Password. If you are not taken there, point your browser to for authentication. If you wish to LOGOUT before the default time period expires, keep this window open (or re-open it) and LOGOUT when you are finished browsing. Once authenticated, you may open any other browser windows as normal. Our campus managed computers have an icon in their Installations folder of their ZenWorks window that will link to this LOGIN page. Any device that is not able to display or process an authentication page may be set up for access, but will be subjest to a $20 processing fee, and must be processed through the Computer Services office.


  • New protocol for emails regarding Items For Sale please see link.



  • IPhones and other mobile devices: Most smartphones and mobile devices can be set up to synchronize with our Google Apps for Education implementation. Check here for more information on configuring your device.


  • Click here to see live wireless network statistics and check system health for the Burman network.


  • Computer Services has some used equipment for sale. Check the Sales link for more information.