Music Department














Feb. 19, 2016




Orchestra Concert: CHSDA Church


7:30 PM


April 16, 2016



Orchestra, Young Artist Concert: CHSDA Church


8:00 PM












What can Burman University's Music Degree offer you?


What can I do with a music degree? 


A music degree offers surprising and diverse post-graduate options in both music and non-music areas. Music is one of the very few undergraduate degrees that enables you to instantly set up a private business prior to and following graduation, i.e. private studio teaching. 


It also gives the music graduate a multitude of other music employment options including solo and collaborative performing, symphony playing, conducting,  church/synagogue music, music education, music-related business, arts management, symphony publicist, etc.


A music degree also gives a diverse range of music and non-music graduate school options including law, medicine, music performance, musicology, music theory, music therapy, optometry, veterinary school, etc. The employment and graduate school options outlined above will vary according to the exact music degree you graduate with, minor/s taken, pre-professional requirements completed, and your own personal goals and interests.