Behavioural Science (BA 4-year)

The major in Behavioural Science is an interdisciplinary program encompassing the fields of psychology and sociology. Additional cognate courses are in the areas of Anthropology, Social work, and Ethics. The program is designed to equip graduates to function within the rapidly changing field of mental health care or the areas of government and business which require behavioural science skills, such as a personnel department. The program is also designed to be flexible to allow students, through advising, to tailor the program to suit their own needs as they relate to the changing nature of the job market.




Psychology (BSc 4-year)

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science (4-Year) Psychology degree program will develop a strong theoretical knowledge of psychology as an academic discipline, focusing on the scientific method of observation, data gathering, analysis and interpretation. The program provides supervised application of psychological principles with clients in social service/mental health settings. Students will be prepared for pursuing graduate study in psychology and meeting the requirements of the Alberta College of Psychologists. Areas of study include the biological, cognitive/affective, and social bases of behaviour and individual differences. An emphasis on statistics and research methodology give students a strong base for research and advanced study. Students who later complete a Masters degree would be eligible to complete the requirements to become a chartered psychologist.



Psychology (BSc 3-year)

The 3-year BSc concentration in Psychology is designed for those students who wish to pursue professional school such as medicine, health sciences, law, management science, mediation or alternatively to work in rural mental health services. Students who plan to attend graduate school in Psychology would be strongly advised to take the Bachelor of Science (Four-Year) degree.



Crisis Intervention Certificate

This certificate prepares students to apply behavioural science principles to work in a hot line centre or on a victim response team.






Sports Psychology

The Sports Psychology certificate will prepare students for entrance into the field of sports psychology. It will add to the skills of those who want to be involved in coaching, being a personal trainer, working at sports or wilderness camp programs, promoting health enhancement, directing community or college athletic programs, and promoting spiritual evangelism through sports and fitness participation.



Substance Abuse

This certificate prepares students to apply behavioural science principles to work in a substance abuse centre.



Counselling Psychology Minor



Industrial Organizational Behaviour Minor



Psychology Minor



Sociology Minor



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