Driver List - 2008/09



These drivers are available to be contacted only for institutional use.

Please do not contact these drivers for individual use.



Volunteer Drivers






Authorized to Drive

David Delafield 4128 Vans and Buses



Paid Drivers

Available to driver for pay ($15 an hour, including wait time; $25 PM differential fee if during hours of 10:30 pm and 5:30 am; $50 cancellation fee if cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.





Home #


Cell #


Authorized to Drive

Keenan Hosking 896-7842 Vans Call anytime
Christopher Futcher 782-0329 Vans Evenings / weekends
JindaLee Lehmann 782-6225 Vans Call anytime
Manon Marier 782-4861 304-2709 Vans Early morn. / Evenings / wknds
Lynn Paul 782-3028 506-5745 Vans Call anytime, after 8:00 am
Kelly Stickle 782-3805 872-5768 Vans Call anytime
Teddy Bagassien 782-6483 Vans and Buses Call anytime
Cornelius Fehr 505-3191 Vans and Buses Call anytime
Gerald Ganson 782-2731 Vans and Buses
Rick Hindley 357-4373 Vans and Buses Call anytime
Trevor Johnson 782-4807 597-4807 Vans and Buses Weekends only
Arthur Kapiniak 340-9192 Vans and Buses Call anytime
Chad Lachelt 358-2518 Vans and Buses Call anytime
Kenneth McPherson 782-2883 598-2883 Vans and Buses Call anytime
Fred Paul 782-3028 780-868-7130 Vans and Buses Evenings / Weekends