Microserve E-Store

Microserve E-Store

Burman University has partnered with Microserve (a major supplier of computer equipment to Burman University and other post-secondary institutions in Alberta through the SHARE-IT program).  Microserve has procured deals with major vendors to provide discounted prices on computer equipment through their E-Store.  These are available to Burman students, their family members, faculty and staff. and any other SDACC affiliated persons. Free shipping is included for all orders.

The Microserve e-Store is available at https://techwarehouse.microserve.ca/shop/home

Here is a video showing how to navigate the E-Store, set up your account and complete an order:  https://youtu.be/n4EFs51MjM0  

Discount Code

A further 5% discount is available if you include this code in the Education Discount field on the checkout form.  BU2020