Covid-19 Fall 2020 Tuition Relief Campaign

Loren Agrey
Loren Agrey, President

COVID-19 challenges us: we’ve all experienced social isolation; some have confronted job loss; a few have suffered from health issues. Students at Burman University are also facing challenges. Because many traditional jobs at camp or in retail are not available this summer, they question how they will afford tuition. They wonder if they can return in the fall.

At Burman, we firmly believe that students who face financial challenges because of COVID-19 should be able to continue their education.

Building on this belief, we’ve initiated a special summer fund-raising campaign: Burman University’s COVID-19 FALL 2020 TUITION RELIEF CAMPAIGN. The amount available depends on the generosity of the donors who hold Burman students close to their hearts

100% of the monies donated will be distributed to returning Burman students.

Eligible students will apply for funding from the COVID-19 FALL 2020 TUITION RELIEF FUND. Forms will be available online as of August 2, 2020 and must be submitted by September 13, 2020.

When course registration has been finalized for the Fall Semester, funds will be credited to students who are in greatest need.

This campaign doesn’t replace our ongoing SHAPING THE WORLD CAMPAIGN or the annual STUDENT AID CAMPAIGN. It is a special one—perhaps even an extraordinary one. If your circumstances allow, please consider participating in Burman University’s COVID-19 FALL 2020 TUITION RELIEF CAMPAIGN. We not only appeal for your financial support for this important initiative; we also seek your prayers for the students of Burman University as they prepare for lives of service.

Loren Agrey