On a (thankfully) warm September afternoon, members of the Burman University community gathered at Alumni Plaza in front of the Administration Building. Students, faculty, and staff were given the afternoon off from classes and work to serve the community of Lacombe. "The purpose of Serve Lacombe, is for our student body, faculty, and staff to go out into the community and to be of service," says Alexandra Moly, organizer of Serve Lacombe. "It is also a way for us to spread the love of Christ to others through our actions as opposed to just out words."

Over 100 students, faculty, and staff participated in this year's Serve Lacombe Day. "I hope that as the students went out and served the community, they realized how much just a few hours can bless someone else's life," says Moly. "I also hope that they continue to serve others outside of this day." From painting to gardening to cleaning, there was a task for everyone with a willing heart. We are grateful for the members of our Burman community who took time from their busy schedules to serve and help members of the Lacombe community. Thank you also to Alexandra Moly, the Campus Ministries team, and Student Services for organizing such a great opportunity for our campus.