New Leadership for the Committee of 100

The Committee of 100 is an organization committed to the advancement of Burman University. Incorporated in 1973, the committee was the major contributor to funding the building of the Physical Education Centre. 

After its incorporation, the group functioned continuously for a more than a decade. Then in 2007, a small group of alumni and other friends of the university decided to revive it. Since that time, the committee has taken a leading role in various other campus improvements and projects, such as the paving, curbing and lighting at the PE Centre. The committee also purchased a 15-passenger bus and spearheaded the renovation and refurbishing of dormitory lobbies. Members contributed to creating the Alumni Plaza, raised funds for a 100-seat lecture hall and funded a university sign (including landscaping and lighting).

Ned Price has been Chair of the Committee of 100 for a number of years. He and his wife, Larissa (also a member), believe in supporting Burman—not only because the university helped prepare them for their careers, but also because its Christian emphasis helped align and strengthen their values.

Having served as Chair from 2018 to the present and vice-chair before that, Price has been active on the committee for some time. He looks forward to “creating greater awareness of the benefits the committee provides for the university. Our current focus for the campus is to increase accessibility.”

In response to this focus, at the June 2019 Annual General Meeting, committee members voted to contribute $56,000 to cover the cost of three vital accessibility projects on campus.