Dr Howard Gimbel

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Dr Howard Gimbel is an ophthalmologist, surgeon, university professor, and cherished alumnus of the high school on the Hilltop - then "Canadian Union College". In 2018, he was a recipient of the Order of Canada: the highest level of recognition in the Canadian Honours System. His long and successful career has been an exemplar expression of Burman University's motto: Think. Believe. Act.

Dr Gimbel was born in Calgary and grew up in the village of Beiseker, Alberta. Following in the footsteps of both his parents, he attended Canadian Union College and was the president of his graduating class of 1952. During his time here on campus, Dr Gimbel enjoyed music. He sang with both the choir and a male quartet in addition to playing the trombone in the school band. He also wrote for student publications and is quoted in one article he wrote shortly before graduating:

"Let us use the wisdom we have acquired as the wise use their watches - not for personal display, but rather that we may be more efficient as we serve others."

From an early point in his career, Dr Gimbel was referred to as "Gadget Gimbel" for his interest in cutting edge technology that allowed him to provide his patients with the most refined service. Having opened the prosperous and reputed Gimbel Eye Centre in Calgary in 1964, Dr Gimbel began to develop new techniques for safe and successful cataract surgery (including being the first Canadian to remove cataracts with an ultrasonic probe) as well as becoming proficient in refractive surgery. He has since co-authored textbooks, broadcasted surgeries live, and continues to hold positions at the University of Calgary and Loma Linda University in California. Because of Dr Gimbel's ingenuity and passion, he has set a new global standard in the world of ophthalmology and optometry and provided the means for thousands worldwide to have healthy, clear vision. 

Dr Gimbel has not been alone in his dedication to service. His wife Judy (pictured with him below) is the founder and president of the Gimbel Eye Foundation. Their mandate remains, "To share, at no cost, the learning and research of our doctors to enhance patient care around the world.” Through the Gimbel Eye Foundation, Mrs. Gimbel has supported research projects and educational initiatives to ensure that the quality of care will improve across the globe. 

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Burman University is proud to count Dr and Mrs Gimbel among our campus family. Their dedication to remaining at the forefront of medical care and providing resources and education to other practitioners around the world is an uplifting reminder of what can be accomplished when individuals think critically, believe deeply, and act with a passion for service.


July 6, 2018