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The Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Science provides students with an understanding of multiple perspectives on human behavior, culture, and society.
Students in this program benefit from a broad curricular focus, practicum opportunities, qualified and dedicated faculty, positive student experiences, multiple career trajectories for graduates. In addition, a strong and stable institutional support gives the students a strong foundational preparation for employment as well as graduate work. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide broad-based academic preparation for students interested in a range of career opportunities in the human services and academics.

Degree Details

BHSC (4-Year):
The Behavioural Science program is a multidisciplinary program that includes studies in sociology, psychology, social work, and anthropology. It is designed to provide students with a broad methodical understanding of human behaviour, cultural, political and social factors that affect this behaviour.

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Ammon Olson
/ First-Year BHSC

After spending several years working in addictions treatment, I have gained an appreciation and excitement for the field of human and social services. I have a personal love for the core message of the Alcoholics Anonymous program, that everyone has universal faults and that we need safe spaces to share those faults. Consequently, I would love to be involved in the production of knowledge for addictions and other behavioral problems post-graduation.

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