*NOTICE* Registration for February 2020 University Experience is currently closed. Please contact info@burmanu.ca if you have questions concerning a visit.


Burman Experience

The Burman Experience will be held on February 20-23, 2020.

Please contact us at info@burmanu.ca to receive your application form for this event. 

The early bird registration deadline is January 17, 2020. If your application is received before this date, your fee will be discounted by $50. The regular registration deadline is January 24, 2020. 

Who is welcome

  • Students considering Burman University for their educational future
  • Must be in grade 12 (or older)
  • If you're in grade 11 and are interested in visiting, contact the University Experience coordinator to make arrangements

When to come

Please speak to the University Experience coordinator before arranging any travel. (Ext. 4127)

What to look forward to

  • Academic advising
  • Campus tour
  • Financial workshops
  • Giveaways
  • Scholarships
  • The dorm experience
  • Various campus activities as scheduled


We will cover one sponsor’s travel and accommodations for groups of five or more; or two sponsors for groups of ten or more.

What it will cost

Total cost per person varies by region, based on where you're travelling from:

  • Eastern Canada—$300
  • British Columbia—$200
  • Manitoba or Saskatchewan—$200
  • Alberta (who need to fly in from Grande Prairie or Ft. McMurray)—$100
  • Other Albertans—free
  • United States—$350

This will cover all your expenses during your visit including flights, food, lodging and entertainment. This doesn't cover your baggage fees, any food you purchase at the airport when you're on your way to visit, and any souvenirs to purchase.


What to bring

Besides yourself? Enthusiasm, curiosity, prayers, appropriate and warm clothing, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, swim suit (we have a pool), and spending money (for shopping).

How to arrange your visit

Each participant must submit a Burman University Experience application form. Once your form has been received you will hear from our campus visit coordinator to finalize travel arrangements. Note for Americans: you must have a passport in order to come to Canada. Burman University will not book air travel until you have a passport.

All visits and travel arrangements must be authorized by Marketing and Enrolment Services three weeks prior to arrival:

Toll free: 1.800.661.8129 x1
Local: 403.782.3381 x.4127
Email: visit@burmanu.ca
Fax: 866.929.8282