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Welcome to Burman Speaks

Burman University is dedicated to providing students with a quality Seventh-day Adventist education as well as a stimulating work environment for our faculty conducting research, but we are also passionate about sharing the abundance of talent and expertise that exists within our campus community. An initiative of the Burman University Office of Advancement and Marketing Department, Burman Speaks is a bureau of key presenters and performers made available to the public.

Our vision is to encourage the spread of ideas worth sharing and to provide a platform for the best and brightest of Burman University's faculty, alumni, and students to share their ideas, tell their stories, and engage with audiences across Canada.

Choose from a diverse list of speakers to present at your upcoming event today! Topics include everything from ethics, conflict, leadership, international development, entrepreneurship, education, religion, music, women's rights, biology, peace, and justice.

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Featured Speakers

Dr Tennyson Samraj
Dr Tennyson Samraj is a lecturer in the philosophy department at Burman University where he routinely teaches courses on both philosophy and religion. He has traveled extensively with his students across the globe, teaching about various ideologies and paradigms that inform world cultures. His personal journeys have taken him to every continent on the planet including Antarctica. Dr Samraj's passions lie with his students in the classroom and his artwork depicting portraits of noteworthy figures in history.
Azalea Lehndorff
Azalea Lehndorff graduated from Burman University with her BSc in Biology in 2010 and received her Masters in Public Health from the University of Alberta. She is the manager of A Better World's 100 Classrooms Project - an initiative with the goal of increasing accessibility of education for women and girls in Afghanistan. For her extensive humanitarian work, she has been the recipient of the 2018 ACGC Top 30 Under 30, the 2016 CMA National Award for Young Leaders, and the 2010 Young Citizen of the Year Award (Red Deer).
Samuelle Henry
Samuelle Henry is in her fourth year at Burman University. Born in Barbados, she has lived in Canada now for seven years and is working towards a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Counselling Psychology. She is the founder and president of the institution's newest student club: The Intersectional Feminist Society of Burman University through which she plans to promote projects and initiatives with the purpose of improving the lives of women in the community.

How To Book

Contact Burman University's Office of Advancement to book a speaker or musician for your upcoming event.



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