Q: What is the merger being discussed in this specific case?
A: A merger in this case is the idea of moving the administrative/governance structure from one entity to another (i.e. the potential of the Alberta Conference becoming the governing body of PAA and creating a K-12 school on campus).

Q: Is Parkview Adventist Academy (PAA) closing its doors?
A: No. A committee has been struck to review the feasibility of a possible merger with the intent that there is long-term viability for grades 10-12.

Q: Why has a feasibility review committee been created?
A: On April 27, 2018, the Burman Board of Trustees voted to create a committee to review the feasibility of a merger.

Q: Who is on the Burman Board of Trustees?
A: Individuals with a vote on the Burman Board of Trustees include leadership from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada (SDACC), presidents of the conferences within the SDACC, a Burman faculty representative and Student Association president, and laypeople from within the SDACC. The Burman University Cabinet (i.e. Burman Vice Presidents and PAA Principal) are invitees to the Board with no vote.

Q: Who is on the feasibility review committee?
A: Burman University and the Alberta Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church nominated individuals to serve on the committee. Burman University nominated Loren Agrey (President), Darrell Huether (Vice President for Financial Administration), and Angie Ward (PAA Principal), while the Alberta Conference nominated Keith Richter (Treasurer), Janet Griffith (Education Superintendent), and Reo Ganson (CHCS Principal).

Q: Is the Burman Board of Trustees requesting a review because PAA is in a financial crisis?
A: No. PAA is presently in good financial standing.

Q: Why is the Burman Board of Trustees requesting a review?
A: The Burman Board of Trustees recognizes the current trends for boarding academies and how those trends are affecting PAA. In order to be proactive rather than reactive, the Burman Board of Trustees wants to explore options to protect PAA from current trends. The one option of a possible merger to create a K-12 entity was deemed the most feasible and therefore selected for further study at this time. A merger is seen as an opportunity for more parent involvement in the school’s operations.

Q: When will the feasibility review committee make its recommendation?
A: The committee will give a report to the Burman Board of Trustees by the fall 2018 board meeting.

Q: Has it been decided that there will be a merger?
A: No. The purpose of the committee is to review the feasibility of a merger and submit a recommendation to the Burman Board of Trustees. Their recommendation may or may not support a merger.

Q: What happens if the recommendations of the feasibility review committee support a merger?
A: The Burman Board of Trustees and the Alberta Conference must both accept the recommendation in order for the merger to happen.

Q: If a merger is deemed feasible by all concerned stakeholders, will it happen next academic year?
A: No, PAA will continue operations as usual for the 2018-2019 academic year. If the merger is approved, a transition plan to support the merger will be communicated with all concerned stakeholders.

Q: If the merger happens, what will the finances, governance, structure, administration, etc. look like for PAA?
A: Burman University, in conjunction with the new governing body of the school will determine those details. The committee will make recommendations in these areas.

Q: Wasn’t there a PAA study committee that presented to the Burman Board of Trustees this past academic year?
A: Yes, the PAA Study Committee recommendation was presented to the Burman Board of Trustees at the April 2018 meeting. The committee’s recommendation was for PAA to engage one or more external experts not directly involved with PAA to review its current model of governance/administration with special emphasis on enrolment, the dormitory, and funding along with collaboration with the Alberta Conference and the establishment of a local constituency. The PAA Management Committee passed this recommendation on to the Burman Board of Trustees, which reviewed and discussed the recommendation in context of the current trends affecting boarding academies and voted to create a feasibility review committee to assess the viability of a merger.

Q: Where can I send my questions and/or feedback about the feasibility review?
A: We encourage you to send an email to feasibilityreview@burmanu.ca to ensure your thoughts are heard.