LACOMBE, AB – Based on the decision of the Committee of 100, construction on the north end of the Administration Building began in June 2018. The project will include the following renovations:

  • New exterior to the chimney complete with clocks and electronic carillon
  • Handicap access ramp to the north entrance
  • New stairs to the north entrance
  • 4-stall handicap parking northeast of the building
  •  A drop-off and courier delivery circuit
  • An amphitheatre
  • A sloping sidewalk leading to West Hall
  • A rock garden to handle storm water run-off
  • Landscaping

 “The external changes to our Administration Building will ensure accessibility for everyone,” says Dr. Loren Agrey, President of Burman University. “We look forward to seeing more people on our campus as we learn and grow together academically.”

"The Committee of 100 is always interested in enhancing the physical development of the university campus," says Dr. Clifford Tym, past chairperson of the Committee of 100. "We have committed $150,000 of funding to this much needed project. The total project cost is estimated at $800,000."

The project is scheduled for completion in November 2018. Faculty, staff, and students are requested to adhere to all signage posted around the construction site, as well as heed any emails sent by Facility Maintenance regarding the project.