Serve Lacombe Day is a time for the students of Burman to come together and serve the City of Lacombe. Although it was a rainy afternoon, students still came to help out. There were approximately 22 groups with three to four students in each group. In a combined effort, we were able to finished 28 projects that afternoon. Busi Dzingirayi, Campus Ministries Service Coordinator, shared a passage from Ellen G. White's Ministry of Healing that she believed should inspire service: “Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people.” Christ's method is meeting people's needs, whatever they might be. "I’m learning about what it means to Trust in God and I’m following His lead in terms of ministry," says Dzingirayi. "I don’t know why someone like me who struggles with so much that this job requires me to do was tasked with something as big as service coordinator. But I’m going to do my best and learn from the experience"

Although it was a busy afternoon, students were impacted by the day's event. Brenda Ngetich, 2nd-year Behavioural Science major, shared the idea that giving is a never-ending circle. "When you give to someone, they then feel the need to give back," says Ngetich. "After we finished serving, we were offered treats from the store we helped. Then, we were offered banana bread at a house we served." It's a circle that never stops and should never stop. Students are looking forward to the next major service opportunity on November 24. However, students are encourage to participate in opportunities like Soup Kitchen, Maskwacis Ministry, and Sunshine Band to continue serving the City of Lacombe. When we come together to help our community, we grow closer to God and closer to our fellow workers.


Written by: Jasmine Pickett, 2nd-year English Major