Scholarships - Mamawi Atosketan Native School Scholarship (MANS)

Mamawi Atosketan Native School Scholarship (renewable)

This renewable scholarship provides subsidy for the cost of tuition and mandatory fees for the MANS graduate beyond what is available from the total of:

  • Funding from the Educational Authority, and
  • Alberta Indigenous Careers Award of $2000/term, and
  • Any other Entrance scholarships.

To be considered for this award you must:

  • Have initial admission into Burman University as a first year, first time student.
  • Graduate from Mamawi Atosketan Native School
  • Apply for the Alberta Indigenous Careers Award
  • Apply for any eligible Entrance scholarships

A student must be registered as a full-time student to receive this award. This award may be renewed each year that a student is enrolled at Burman University in their first 4-year degree.