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General Scholarships (Intl - Berm/Bhmas/World)

General Scholarships - Yr 1-4

These scholarships are available to full-time students.  Eligibility criteria varies for each scholarship.


Continuing Academic Excellence

  • Students who complete at least 12 academic credits and achieve a 4.0 GPA for a given fall or winter semester are eligible to receive a scholarship of $500.00 per semester

  • This award will be applied to the student account in the month following the end of each semester

  • Students taking more than 3 credits in a Practicum that gives a S/U grade must have a total credit count of 15 credits to be eligible for this award.

Additional Degree Discount (4 Year Degree)

  • Students who have completed a 4-yr degree from Burman University may receive a 50% discount off the tuition rate for additional coursework. 

  • Students who have completed a 4-yr degree from another accredited institution may apply to the Registrar’s Office for a transcript evaluation.  If eligible, they may receive a 25% discount off the tuition rate for additional coursework. 

  • The application of this policy is subject to class space and existing course offerings.

  • Confirmation of eligibility for this discount must be applied for by student at the Registrar’s Office

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Student Missionary

  • Returning student missionaries from a Burman University approved position are eligible for a scholarship of $100/month of service to a maximum of $1,000.

  • Verification must be provided by Student Services by August 31

Summer Community Service (July & August only)

  • Students may participate in community service during the months of July and August only and be eligible to receive a scholarship of $125 / 25 hours of community service. Non-profit organizations only; and remember that summer camps are ineligible.

  • Maximum award from any one or combination of “Summer” scholarships is $1,000.

  • Download “Record of Summer Community Service. Form must be submitted by August 31.

Summer Ministries Scholarship

  • Students who are paid by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (including Burman and PAA) for summer service may receive a scholarship equal to 30% of summer ministry earnings deposited on account by August 31 with verification from the employer of the summer earnings.

  • Maximum award from any one or combination of “Summer” scholarships is $1,000.

  • If you are working on campus during the summer, please review the following information (Summer Work Program form).


Additional Information
  • Total award amount for most general scholarships will be divided equally between the two semesters of the school year.

  • Recipient must attend for the Fall and Winter semesters to realize the full value of any award.

  • The student must register for, and successfully complete, a minimum 60% course load (9 credits excluding PLAR & Audit credits) each semester

NOTE: If a student withdraws below the minimum 60% course load all scholarships will be reversed for that term.