Scholarships - Pastor's Initiative

Pastor’s Enrolment Initiative Scholarship (non-renewable)

This scholarship allows a pastor from a church in Canada to recommend a church member and a prospective student for a one-time $1000 scholarship to Burman University.

This award is only available to first-year, first-time students and is not given to students who graduate from a Seventh-day Adventist Academy/High School or who are in the Burman University database.

Complete the Application   

 To receive this scholarship you must:

  • have initial admission into Burman University as a first-year, first-time student

  • complete the application

  • request your pastor complete a reference  

  • register for and successfully complete a minimum 80% course load per semester (12 credits excluding PLAR and Audit Credit) during the school year.

Need Additional Info? 

Eligibility and Claiming Awards – Year 1