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Leadership & Service Scholarship - Returning

Leadership/Service scholarship for Returning Students (non-renewable)


Deadline:April 30, 2024
Amount:$1500 each
Eligibility: Available to students returning in 24/25 who have not previously received a renewable Leadership scholarship.



This award recognizes those students who hold leadership positions or participate in significant service activities on the Burman campus or in their local church or community during the current September to April school year.  

This scholarship is only available to students that are not currently receiving a renewable Leadership Scholarship. This includes those students with an ID 23xxxx, 22xxxx, 21xxxx or those who have not received a renewable Entrance/Transfer Leadership scholarship previously.


To be eligible to apply for this scholarship you must:

  • Be a current student at Burman University, be returning the following school year and meet the entrance scholarship credit and GPA minimum requirements.

    • Complete 12 credits each Fall and Winter term of the current and upcoming school year.

    • Achieve a 2.3 or 2.5 year GPA in the current school year (Depends on the student’s declared program of study and the required GPA for graduation).

  • Be either a student with an ID 23xxxx, 22xxxx, 21xxxx or a student who has not receive a renewable Leadership Entrance Award previously (i.e. Those that were not eligible to submit an Entrance leadership application when they started at Burman).

  • Hold a leadership position (excluding paid hourly employment or course requirements) or participate in significant service activities from September to April of the current school year.

  • Complete the Leadership/Service Application by April 30 

  • Submit references by May 15

    • This must come from your club sponsor, dean, staff/faculty or supervisor directly responsible for your area of leadership or service.

  • Students receiving a second degree discount or a full tuition scholarship in the upcoming school year are ineligible to receive these awards.


Additional Information:

  • To claim the award a student must register for and successfully complete a minimum 80% course load per term (12 credits excluding PLAR and Audit Credit) during the upcoming Fall and Winter terms.                        

  • Total award amount will be divided equally between the two terms of the upcoming school year.

  • Receiving a full tuition scholarship replaces eligibility for the Leadership and Service Scholarship. 

  • The eligibility to apply for and receive this award is based on the length of degree and initial enrolment status. i.e.:

    • Initial enrolment status - Freshman in a 4 year degree:  May apply up to 3 years

    • Initial enrolment status - Post Secondary Transfer in a 4 year degree: May apply up to 2 years

  • Course requirements and paid hourly employment do not qualify for leadership or service.

NOTE: If a student withdraws below the minimum 80% course load the scholarship will be reversed for that term and it will impact their eligibility to receive this scholarship in the upcoming year.