Security Training



Each employee who is assigned a computer by Burman/PAA will participate in the mandatory campus security awareness training program.  At least twice a year training campaigns will be run.  Email messages including the courses covered and login instructions will be sent to the employee at the start of each campaign.  If the courses are not completed by the indicated dates, then network access may be discontinued until the courses are completed.  

Periodically, phishing simulations will be conducted, and users who respond to the phishing attempt, or click on links in the simulations, will be required to take a short refresher course.  

The security awareness training content can be accessed at  Your Burman/PAA email address (ie. will be your username for the KnowBe4 system, however the password for the KnowBe4 system is independent of your Burman/PAA password.  Please contact the IT office if you have problems accessing the KnowBe4 system.


Home Use

In addition to the security awareness training we're doing for our Burman and PAA faculty and staff, KnowBe4 also provide a course for home Internet safety that we are licensed to use by any family member of Burman/PAA faculty ad staff.

Below is a link (Please contact the IT Office for the Password) that you can share with your families as internet safety is important in both business and personal endeavors.

 To get started, click on this link,