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Friday, September 17, 2021 - 01:30

President’s Award for Superior Academic Achievement

This scholarship rewards graduates of Canadian, US, Bermuda, and Bahamas schools who:

1.  Are first year, first time students, and

2.  Have a Burman Admission Average of 93% or 3.72 GPA based on

3.  A minimum of 5 approved academic courses from

4. A government-issued Grade 12 secondary transcript.


An eligible student will receive the following award:

  • Year 1 - 100% tuition  (Minimum 15 Burman credits per term)
  • Year 2 - 100% tuition  (Minimum 15 Burman credits per term)
  • Year 3 - 100% tuition  (Minimum 15 Burman credits per term)
  • Year 4 - 100% tuition  (Minimum 15 Burman credits per term)

A student will be assessed for a Superior Academic Achievement scholarship once the 5 academic courses used to evaluate their admission average has been calculated based on their program of study.  See Academic Calendar (pg18) for a list of approved academic courses.  Scholarships can be received and renewed up to 4 years (for a 4 year degree).



Renewability Criteria:

  • Enrol in and successfully complete a minimum 100% course load (15 Burman credits excluding PLAR and Audit credits) per term for Fall and Winter and
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA for the two terms of 3.90
  • Courses completed in Spring and Summer sessions are not included in the GPA/credit load calculation.



  • Receiving a full tuition scholarship replaces eligibility for all other Entrance scholarships for the year it is awarded. 
  • If the Superior Academic Achievement scholarship is not renewed for any subsequent year, the original Entrance scholarships awarded prior to attendance at Burman University and corresponding to the year of eligibility (Yrs 2, 3 or 4) will be applied. 
  • Students should apply for all Entrance Scholarships to allow for Year 2 awards in the event that the full tuition scholarship is not renewed.