Scholarships - Nursing

Violet M Thomson Nursing Scholarship (non-renewable, available to Canadian student only)

This one-time award is available to students enrolled in the Certificate in Health Sciences and planning to continue into a Nursing degree. Students must apply for and receive a Canadian government student loan of at least $8,500 to be eligible and meet all academic requirements.

Award Amount:  $6000

Available Awards:  2 

Apply early

To receive this scholarship you must:

  • Be a first time student at Burman University and have initial admission into in the Certificate in Health Sciences
  • be planning to continue into a Nursing degree
  • complete the application by the deadline
  • provide a student loan Notice of Assessment to Student Financial Services by September 30.
  • meet all academic requirements of the Certificate in Health Sciences.
    • Scholarships are awarded in a 50/50 split between the fall and winter terms. A student must complete 15 credits each term and receive a minimum 2.8 GPA in the Fall term to be able to receive the 2nd half of the award in the Winter term.
  • Students are not eligible for this award if they are already receiving a Second Degree Discount or a full-tuition scholarship.
  • New Winter term entrants may be eligible for 50% of the award if funding permits

 This is a competitive award process.  Recipients will be evaluated based on:

  • Date of application submission
  • Date of financial documents submission
  • Receipt of $150 Confirmation Deposit
  • Receipt of loan Notice of Assessment
  • Financial Need

We encourage you to apply early.