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Nursing FAQ


  • What are the entrance requirements to get into Burman University Nursing Transfer Agreement? 

    To qualify ALL entrance requirements must be met with a minimum grade of 65%:

    ·         English 30-1

    ·         Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 (70%)

    ·         Biology 30

    ·         Chemistry 30

    ·         ONE additional approved course at the 30 level. (Physics 30 recommended)

    Alberta 30 level = Grade 12 courses


  • What are the GPA requirements to stay in the program? You must maintain a 2.8 GPA throughout the entire program (This also includes any post-secondary education prior to Burman).


  • What is the cost to attend Burman University? The following is a link to a cost breakdown while at Burman University (click here for cost) - please be advised the total cost does not include potential scholarships or student loans. To see more on student scholarships, please click the following link (click here for scholarships).


  • What is the cost to attend Kettering College? To get an overview of Kettering's cost breakdown please contact Jessica Allen from the Division of Nursing at Kettering College. - | 937.395.8619


  • Will I be able to apply for Canadian federal and provincial loans while studying at Kettering College? Yes, contact your provincial student aid office for more information. Please Note: This program is not eligible for US Title IV Aid through the Direct Loan Program.


  • Can Canadian Citizens receive the 1 CAD to 1 USD dollar ratio? No. As part of this partnership students transferring from Burman University to Kettering College will receive a 25% discount on their Kettering tuition.


  • What work opportunities are available at Kettering? Students are able to work up to 20 hours per week on campus. For any questions contact Benjamin Hotelling from Alumni and Career Services at Kettering College. - | 937.395.8601 Ext. 55712


  • Will I be able to work in Canada after graduating from the program? To work as a nurse in Canada, you need to apply for your provincial license through the Canadian Nursing Association. 


  • If I don’t make it into Kettering’s program, what can I do with the courses I took at Burman? You can transfer into one of our other degree programs. Please consult with Bonita Campbell who is our Faculty of Science Academic Advisor. -

*Please be advised that the conditions for this program are subject to change.