Burman University Scholars


Burman University Scholars offers a discussion-centered “core texts” model of education that allows students to encounter and evaluate significant works of world art and culture in a Christian context. Established on the belief that knowledge is profoundly interconnected, Scholars is committed to integrated, interdisciplinary education designed to transcend the barriers between such traditionally separate fields as art, history, science, theology, and philosophy. Courses are team-taught by faculty from differing disciplines.

Burman University Scholars creates a learning community that provides academically motivated students with a general education that will prepare them for a lifetime of critical thought, intellectual curiosity, aesthetic appreciation, and spiritual development.

We are looking for students who are intellectually curious and who wish to engage with others in cultivating the life of the mind. We are looking for students who are curious, who wish to be engaged with ideas and the ways ideas allow for deeper connections with others and the divine.



Burman University Scholars is an alternative to the general or breadth education requirements for Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees. As long as you remain in Scholars, you do not need to take any other core courses. The program requires that students take one Scholars course each semester for four years, plus a summer semester taught in Europe.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will have the Burman University Scholars designation on your transcript, your parchment, and in the graduation program.



Students with the following qualifications may apply to become a Burman University Scholar: A high school average of 80% with no single course grade below 75%. Students must also meet all other regular admission requirements including at least one course from Group A and one course from Group B.

Group A courses are your humanities courses such as English, history, and social studies. Group B courses are math and science courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, and pre-calculus. These courses must be at the grade 12 level and must be university entrance courses (courses that DO NOT qualify for Scholars entry include 30-2 courses for Alberta and 4C courses for Ontario).

Students are required to submit an application to the program director. The application is designed to gauge the suitability of the applicant for Scholars and to assess the applicant’s writing skills. Admission to Burman University Scholars is limited.



Students must maintain, at minimum, a 3.3 cumulative GPA while in the program.



Application form

Fill out the application and attach the required short essays. Your application will be reviewed by the Scholars program director, Dr. John McDowell and he will inform you if you gain admission into the program.



You may contact the program director, Dr. John McDowell personally by e-mail: scholars@burmanu.ca or by phone: 403.782.3381 x. 4086