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Scholarships - Athletics

President’s Award for Outstanding Athleticism (renewable)

This award recognizes athletic excellence, achievement and participation in the Burman athletic program. Award amounts are $1250 for the first year of participation. The award may be received and renewed for up to 4 academic years (For a 4 year degree). Award amounts can increase each subsequent year up to a maximum of $2000 based on skill, team commitment and a recommendation from a Burman team coach.

To receive this scholarship you must:

  • Have initial admission into Burman University and be a first-year, first-time student.
  • Complete the athletic application in your incoming year prior to September 30.
  • Register for 12 academic credits each term
  • Tryout for and participate each fall and winter term in an official on-campus sports team with verification from the Athletic Director and/or coach. Exceptions may be made to single term sports however the season must be completed with the team and verified by the coach. Official Burman University teams include Acronaires, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball. This does not include the intramural program, mini tournaments, or clubs.
  • Meet renewability criteria to receive and renew the award for up to four years.


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