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Eligibility & Claiming Awards - Transfer Student

Eligibility for Transfer Scholarships:

A student must:

  • Have initial admission to Burman University.
  • Have previously attended a post-secondary institution in Canada or the US.
  • Be completing their first four-year Bachelor’s degree and must not be entering the Education After Degree Program.
  • Submit an application in their incoming year and, if applicable, request and submit a reference by the deadline.
  • Provide a Social Insurance Number prior to claiming any award.

Claiming Transfer Scholarships

  • A student must register for and successfully complete a minimum 80% course load (12 credits excluding PLAR and audit credits) per term during the school year.
  • If a student withdraws to less than an 80% course load (12 credits excluding PLAR and audit credits) all Transfer scholarships will be reversed for that term and will affect the future eligibility for scholarships.
  • For Athletic/Music scholarships participation in an official Burman sports team or music organization each term is required. Participation confirmation with the Athletic/Music department will be made by September 30 of the incoming school year.
  • All renewable scholarships are awarded 50/50 between the fall and winter terms.
  • The renewal period shall not exceed the length of the student's degree program. 
  • A student’s status year of entry and/or meeting scholarship deadlines will also impact the number of terms a scholarship is available for renewal. (e.g., a transfer student enters as a Year 2 of a 4 year degree  - scholarships are available for up to 6 terms.)
  • A student must meet renewability criteria to receive the scholarship.  The renewal period will not be extended for any reason. 

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