Scholarships - Academic Excellence

President’s Award for Academic Excellence  (renewable) | Canadian


This award automatically recognizes academic excellence and rewards graduates of Canadian, US, Bermuda and Bahamas schools who:  

1.  Are first year, first time students, and

2.  Have a Burman Admission Average that meets the eligibility criteria based on

3.  A minimum of 5 approved academic courses from

4. A government-issued Grade 12 secondary transcript.


Eligibility Criteria

Admission Average

  • 90-94.9%:    $3,500/year 
  • 85-89.9%:    $2,000/year
  • 80-84.9%:    $1,000/year
  • 75-79.9%:       $500/year

A student will be automatically assessed for an Academic scholarship once the 5 academic courses used to evaluate their admission average has been calculated based on their program of study.  See Academic Calendar (pg18) for a list of approved academic courses.  GED students are not eligible for consideration for an automatic scholarship.  Scholarships can be received and renewed up to 4 years (for a 4 year degree).



Students who completed Grade 12 through homeschool programs may be eligible for an Entrance Academic scholarship. See here for details.

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Submission Deadlines

Notification of Award

Eligibility and Claiming Awards – Year 1

Renewing Awards – Year 2-4