Scholarships - Leadership & Service

2021/22 Cohort  President's Award for Outstanding Leadership & Service (non-renewable)   

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These awards recognize achievement in leadership & service roles while in secondary school. Leadership & Service Awards are available for positions held during your grade 11 and 12 school years in your school, community and the church. You may qualify in more than one category. Scholarships range between $250 to $2000 for one year.


To receive this scholarship you must:

  • have initial admission into Burman University as a first-year, first-time student
  • complete the leadership & service application
  • submit references (provide this link to additional referees as needed - i.e. teacher, pastor, supervisor)
  • register for and successfully complete a minimum 80% course load per semester (12 credits excluding PLAR and Audit Credit) during the school year


There will be opportunities to apply for additional Leadership/Service scholarships at the end of the school year.  Be sure to get involved.


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