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This webpage provides the latest information about Burman University’s actions to respond to the spread of COVID-19, also called novel coronavirus. Updates will continue to be provided on this page.

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August 6, 2020 | 11:30 am

For Students Arriving on Campus from outside of Canada (Non COVID-19 Related Isolation)

Burman University will provide supports for international students during isolation/quarantine and throughout their stay, including:

  • welcoming international students;
  • transportation to a suitable residence upon arrival;
  • material supports for isolating/quarantining;
  • establishing systems for monitoring student health and enforcing isolation/quarantine requirements;
  • wrap-around supports; and
  • providing ongoing monitoring of the students’ health and safety once isolation/quarantine is complete.
Note: Burman University will offer these services to ALL incoming international students regardless of their final place of residence, on or off campus*. The Government of Alberta requires all students coming from outside Canada to have a isolation/quarantine plan. Only those students who can provide an alternative isolation/quarantine plan will be exempt from these supports offered by Burman University. 

*room and food fees apply


>> Click here to read the full support system for students arriving from outside Canada.


June 24, 2020 | 2:30 pm

Return to Campus Information - Message from the President

Dear Students,

Our Fall semester is just a few weeks away. As you have heard by now, Burman is planning on a flexible, hybrid system for our Fall semester. All courses for our Fall 2020 term will be delivered online and students can choose to take online classes remotely, or to take their online classes while being on campus. Many of you right now are deciding on what you will do for the Fall semester. What does the Fall semester look like for me if I stay home or if I return to campus?

Our goal is to ensure that the Burman experience is felt by those who study remotely and by those who return to campus. We are committed to providing social and spiritual opportunities for both on and off campus students. Our programming teams are working to ensure that our events and other co-curricular programs are available online. We are also committed to providing our returning students a safe environment on campus to experience the social and spiritual aspect of the Burman community. As new protocols are handed out by health and government officials, we will respond accordingly and continue to ensure that our campus remains safe for those who return in-person. We all have our parts to play in ensuring the safety of our campus and I am confident that we all will be responsible campus citizens ensuring a successful Fall semester.

On-Campus Plan

Cleaning & Sanitizing
Custodial Services has been working tirelessly this summer sanitizing the campus in anticipation of our Fall semester. New equipment has been purchased that will be used to sterilize common used spaces. Sanitizer will be available throughout the campus and appropriate signage will be in place for physical distancing. Cleaning plans for campus spaces have been created and regular cleaning and sanitizing will be implemented.

Employee Training
Faculty and staff are currently undergoing safety training in COVID-19 prevention protocols. 

Physical Distancing
Physical distancing (2 metres) will be required in all areas. Any group activities will be held in spaces that will allow for physical distancing. This will apply to social and spiritual programming (Vespers, Power Up, etc…).

Quarantine & Self-isolation Plans
Plans for quarantine and self-isolation have been prepared in the event someone is exposed to COVID-19. Areas have been designated for isolation. Meals, laundry and other services will be provided to those who may need to isolate.

Campus Safety – Student’s Responsibility
All Burman students have a responsibility to help prevent the spread. Take steps to protect yourself and others:

  • practice physical distancing and wear a mask in public
  • practice good hygiene: wash hands often for at least 20 seconds, cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching face
  • monitor for symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat
  • self-isolate for the legally-required 10 days if you have any symptoms that are not related to a pre-existing illness or medical condition
  • take the COVID-19 self-assessment to access testing

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have had close contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 please call 811 and then the Burman University Student Services office 403.782.3381 ext.4033 or email Residence hall students should also contact their residence dean. Please self-quarantine until cleared.

Returning students arriving from outside of Canada must self-isolate and follow the protocols given by Government of Canada ( Residence Hall International students will be provided a room for self-isolation. Dining and laundry will be provided for. Students arriving from outside of Canada not residing in the dorm must contact Student Services for either on-campus accommodations during the 14-day isolation period or for providing a detailed and verifiable comprehensive plan of self-isolation for this 14-day period.

Residence Hall Life
While Residence Hall Life will look different due to COVID-19 protocols, we are still committed to providing the best possible experience in our dorms.

Common Spaces
Physical distancing protocols will be implemented in our Residence Hall’s. The common areas will be rearranged to allow for physical distancing. Other common use areas, like the laundry room, will have access limited to allow for physical distancing.

Cleaning & Sanitizing
All Residence buildings, rooms, and hallways have undergone stringent sanitization in compliance with AHS standards.

Residence Hall Access
To ensure the safety of our residents, the Residence Halls will be open only to residents of each building. Room assignments will be handed out to ensure appropriate spacing between residents.

Quarantine & Self-isolation Plans
Plans have been developed in an event a resident is exposed or contracts COVID-19. Certain areas will be reserved for self-isolation or quarantine if needed.

Travel Advisory
In order to mitigate the movement of the COVID-19 virus, it is strongly encouraged that students not travel outside of Central Alberta during the semester. Central Alberta has been blessed with low COVID-19 numbers and limiting travel outside of the region will continue to keep our numbers low.

Dorm Opening
Residence Halls will be open on August 21, 2020 at noon local time.

Campus Dining
Vege, our campus dining facility is committed to serve you, the students in the safest way possible! All cafeteria employees will wear appropriate PPE to ensure food safety.

Service Options
Vege employees will serve students in lieu of the buffet line and quality self-serve options will also be available.

Cafeteria Seating
Seating in the cafeteria will reflect physical distancing. Group seating will be limited to eight individuals.

Tuition, Fees & Scholarships
Tuition Rate Reduced to Previous Year’s Rate
Burman has made the decision to not implement the planned 2% salary increase for faculty and staff scheduled for September 2020. This decision not to implement the faculty and staff increase has allowed us to reduce the 2020-2021 tuition rate to the 2019-2020 rate.

Although an organization set up to provide online education may be able to provide it at a significantly reduced cost because of differences in infrastructure requirements, Burman is set up for providing face-to-face instruction and has the infrastructure in place to provide that.  In addition to maintaining that infrastructure we now have added costs of training and software for providing courses online. Burman does not save money by moving our classes online.

General Fees
Currently we are studying our General Fees and looking at areas that can be reduced. More information will be sent out once those decisions are finalized.

Residence Hall Room Charges
For those living in Residence, single room occupancy will be charged the double occupancy rate.

Scholarship Renewal
Renewal of scholarships will not be affected by the lack of opportunities that COVID-19 presents. Please speak with our Student Finance staff so they can advise you on your scholarships and renewal.

Co-Curricular Campus Life – On Campus and Online
We are committed to providing social and spiritual opportunities for those studying remotely and for those returning to campus.

Spiritual Programming
Spiritual programming (Vespers, Power Up, Church Service, etc…) will be happening in person with physical distancing protocols in place. These programs will also be provided online in order to meet the needs of both our students on and off campus.

Burman Athletics will not participate in league play for the Fall of 2020. We will follow government guidelines for reopening our athletic programs. The decision for the Winter semester league play has not yet been determined. Options are available for other activities like the Acronaires who are eligible to be a cohort group. Intramural play is being studied as to what can be offered under the direction of government protocols.

The protocols for group activities are ever changing as health and government officials continue to determine new practices. Burman will continue to explore what is allowed on campus based on the new standards that government officials allow.

Academic Campus Life – On Campus and Online
Synchronous or Asynchronous
Will classes be synchronous or asynchronous? It's difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all answer! Your professors are experts in their fields. They may choose to engage you, the students, synchronously or asynchronously depending on the course content or material that needs to be taught. Please contact your department for details on how their classes will be offered.

As part of Burman University’s flexible, hybrid approach to the Fall 2020 term, there may be a choice of in-person lab and practical experiences for those who choose to be on campus. Virtual lab options will also be available to students. Charges to students for these labs reflect the costs from the publishers. Moreover, your lab instructors still spend time instructing and assessing these labs.

Assessment is a vital part of any course. Your professors are familiar with multiple methods of assessing student learning in a remote learning environment that not only safeguard the integrity of the exams but also reduce anxiety of students.

COVID-19 has immensely changed the way we live our lives and it will change the way that we go forward as a University. What it will not change is our commitment to Christian education and your journey through university. Our goal is to have our Burman community back together, in-person or remotely, to continue our educational journey together.

We are excited to get started for our Fall semester. I know there will still be many questions left unanswered. We are working diligently to ensure you have all the information you need to make your decision for the fall. At this time no determination has been made for the winter semester.

If you have any more inquiries we will be planning a ZOOM Q&A where we can dialogue further. Details for this ZOOM Q&A will be emailed to you, students, in the near future. You can also visit the COVID-19 section on our website and go through our FAQ.

Once again, we are excited to resume our semester this fall and we hope to see you soon.

God bless and be safe!


Dr. Loren Agrey

President, Burman University




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